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Street Fighter Chode Street Fighter Chode

Rated 5 / 5 stars

.. just fucking amazing..

I've been on newgrounds since pico was BORN. And this..was the best flash ever...

I watched it three times.. and i am still in tears.. keep it up!
I loved the random vulgar cutscenes.. and the countless references... fucking hilarious.. awesome storyline +10, the sound was horrendous...which was fitting to this animation..(excluding the voice actors which i thought was pretty good) +10, the animation was just to awesome.. the constant facial animations kept it interesting and funny +10

To the person below me..(stephanusabyss) i understand your opinion... it's yours to keep.

but with every finely tuned flash submission.. with it's smooth animations.. perfect audio.. and cleverly written storylines..

comes a work like this.. that works outside of that box.. that mocks it's perfect presence.. keeping art incredibly fresh (and funny)...

I say.. instead of bashing the artist for his art..( because it's not to your specifications.. ) don't rate period..take it as it is.. a giant parody... just click out and view another submission...

Your harsh opinionated critique does not benefit the artist.. but fuels the artist to write more of these animations..

...on second thought.. keep going..

ying and yang.. fuck it..

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